Our Groups

We believe small groups are an important means to growing in the grace of the Gospel. It is in the context of a small group that one is likely to know others and be truly known by others. We encourage students to be connected to other believers in a small group setting. This is ideally to occur in the context of a local church. For those who are not able to connect with a local church or are not yet ready for that step, BSM offers the following groups:  

  • Large Group

    When: Tuesday nights: Dinner at 7PM, Large Group at 8PM

    Where: BSM large group room

    Topic:  Romans: Gospel Foundations

    With Who: Everyone!

    Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, EVERYONE! Tuesday night. Large Group. At the BSM house. Dinner at 7PM, followed by Large Group at 8PM. Join us for worshipping our loving God, hearing scripture, and learning how to apply the lesson to your own life. We cannot wait to meet you!

  • Guy's Group

    When: Wednesday nights at 7pm

    Where: BSM small group room (upstairs)

    Topic: Matthew

    With Who: Elias and fellow guys!

    CALLING ALL GENTLEMEN!! Come to the BSM house every Wednesday night at 7pm as we walk through the gospel of Matthew together. This is a time for talking about our great God, praying for each other, and discussing the Bible! It's going to be a great time, so come one, come all! 

  • Girl's Group

    When: Wednesday nights at 7pm

    Where: BSM small group room (upstairs)

    Topic: James: Living a Life of Genuine Faith

    With Who: Kate and other girls! 

    Are you a lady that is looking to make new friends, study the word of God, and/or eat tasty snacks? If so, Girl's Group is just the right group for you! Join Kate and other girls on Wednesday's at 7pm as they discuss the book of James. It is going to be a time of accountability, prayer, and good times. Hope to see you there!


    When: Thursday nights at 7pm
    Where: BSM small group room (upstairs)
    With Who: Ben, Jordie, and fellow freshman!

    If you're a freshmen looking to get to know new people, this is the place for you.  Take some time out of that busy and confusing first year of college and stop by the house on Thursday nights to hang out with Ben, Jordie, and fellow freshmen.